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Full Body Massage

A trigger point massage that will ease aching and tired muscles helping soothe your body and mind.

60 mins | £42.00

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Working areas that may be knotty, swollen or sore leaving you feeling relaxed and de-stressed.

30 mins  |  £32.00

Hot Stone Massage

30 mins | £35.00

Hot Stone Massage

45 mins | £40.00

Hot Stone Massage

60 mins | £44.00

Instant Relaxation. Using warm stones the heat radiates through the body boosting relaxation and releasing muscle tension. One massage stroke with a warm stone is the equivalent of 5-10 of your hand.

Indian Head Massage

A revitalising therapy that relieves tension in the head, neck, shoulders, upper back and arms.

30 mins | £28.00

Midi Indian Head + Back Neck & Shoulder Massage

45 mins | £38.00